2023 Year in Review.

Personal and professional accomplishments.

R Project Sprint.

An in-person collaborative event to contribute to base R.

Regular, intentional, and time-boxed yak shaving.

A conversation with Jenny Bryan about productive incremental learning.

The case for variable labels in R

Labelled data workflows with applications in data dictionaries, summary tables, ggplot, and exporting.

My 4 Biggest Internship Takeaways

What I've learned after interning at the PCCTC.

Locating R and R Adjacent Software and Configuration Files

My personal R administration on Windows 10

Code line highlighting in Quarto revealjs presentations

Three methods make your code lines stand out

Report Ready PDF tables with rmarkdown, knitr, kableExtra, and LaTeX

Customized raw data tables and gtsummary tables in PDF output

Modifying the GitHub repo containing my Distill website

Adventures with giscus (easier) and GitHub Actions (harder)

Getting started with unit testing in R

Automating the dev work you are probably already doing

Estimating correlations adjusted for group membership

A linear mixed model approach with applied examples in a Palmer penguins Simpson's paradox and TidyTuesday Spotify songs

Curating for @WeAreRLadies on Twitter

From creating content to cultivating connections.

A tidyverse pivot approach to data preparation in R

Going from wide to long with #TidyTuesday beach volleyball

Polished summary tables in R with gtsummary

Also plays well with labelled data

Custom interactive sunbursts with ggplot in R

geom_rect() + geom_coord() + {ggiraph}

Deploy previews with Netlifly

Collaborative {distill} website workflows

R-Ladies styled code gifs with xaringan and flipbookr

The code behind my @WeAreRLadies curating week

GGanimating a geographic introduction

A gif for social media

From gmailr to the Google Books API

A parenting project to catalog my childrens' 2020 library history

Leveraging labelled data in R

Embracing SPSS, SAS, and Stata data sets with the haven, labelled, and sjlabelled packages

Your first R package in 1 hour

Tools that make R package development easy

Exporting editable ggplot graphics to PowerPoint with officer and purrr

What, why, how, when, and who

Introducing RStudio and R Markdown

Gettin' giffy wit it.

A job interview presentation inspired by the R community

How #tidytuesday and twitter helped me secure a job offer

Stringr 4 ways

Four approaches to feature engineering with regular expressions in R

Welcome to Piping Hot Data

What's in a name?

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