Be great and curate!

Tips and outcomes from an @WeAreRLadies Twitter curator

Shannon Pileggi true
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Figure 1: Women in Statistics and Data Science poster presentation.

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A poster presentation for the 2021 virtual Women in Statistics and Data Science conference.


The @WomenInStat (Women in Statistics and Data Science) and @WeAreRLadies (We are R-Ladies) rotating Twitter curator accounts promote visibility of women in our field and facilitates engagement with others. Serving as a rotating curator on a Twitter account with thousands of followers may seem daunting, but it is a great opportunity to share your knowledge, connect with others with similar interests, and learn something in return. In this talk, I’ll discuss how I planned ahead for my @WeAreRLadies curation week, what happened the week of, and the good things that followed.


I am grateful to Alison Hill, Ale Segura, Katherine Simeon, and Megan McClintock for their feedback, at various stages, on this content! 💜


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