Your first R package in 1 hour

Tools that make R package development easy

Shannon Pileggi

Workshop flyer with hexes for R-Ladies Philly, devtools, and usethis dropping into an open pacakge.

materials video


A zoom workshop on introductory R package development for R-Ladies Philly.


This workshop is for people looking to learn how to make their own R packages and learn how to use usethis and devtools for package development. The workshop will cover handy one time functions (i.e., usethis::create_package) as well as functions used continuously throughout package development (i.e., devtools::document). At the end of the hour you should have a working, well-documented package with a single function, as well as a better understanding of the files and file structure required for R packages.

This workshop is suitable for beginner to intermediate R users. Attendees should be familiar with functions, but will not be writing their own function in this workshop. Familiarity with pipe or tidyverse is helpful.


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